Photoshop World

I am just back from Photoshop World in Las Vegas. This was just a fantastic experience and it will take a while to digest but I am hard at work using the new techniques.

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Tango and Passion

Preparing to dance the Tango in San Telmo

Traveling in Argentina gave me many opportunities to watch the passion of the tango outside, in theaters, milongas and restaurants.  I love the music and the passion of the dancers

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How on earth do so many spamers arrive a a small blog? Good Grief it seems that so many people have too much time on their hands

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resizing images

I am working resizing the tango images for the “newly designed” web site. The “A Night in Spain” images will have to remain the same. I am also doing some investigation into the new Google Social Network called Google + it looks like a great marketing tool!

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It is time to get serious and make this blog happen

I found out that I had two blogs with the same name hosted by different “hosts” So even though I did write on the other one more recently because I thought it was this one I will discontinue the other one especially because I now have to figure out how they renewed it using my paypal account without my authorization. So if that is not reason enough…I have finished my Tango series and street photography done in Buenos Aires last January. I will upload photos but first I need to get in touch with Go Daddy and right this “misunderstanding”

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I went to the theater downtown San Jose del Cabo tonight to see a dance prestentation.  Could not believe that it was not full because the premiere dancer was from Spain and so so talented and Prof Angel presented his  group of dancers that were fantastic!

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The Studio is organized

I have organized the studio again!!  It seems to get away from me when I am busy with a new series but A Night in Spain is printed and off to get framed just in time for the Red Autismo Fashion Show.  I think that it is time to dust the camera off and get back in the field.  Getting up before the sun is up for the last couple of days got me thinking in a new direction.  Hmmmmm  stay tuned

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Hello world!

I am starting my blog on a high note, I finished the “A Night in Spain” series and they are in the hands of the framer!!  A friend who heads the Autism Foundation here in Los Cabos Mexico asked me if I would help with the Invitation to the annual Fashion Show to support Red Autismo.  It took me one second to say yes, two seconds to say that I would love to participate to show my art, five seconds to realize that my Mexican Charro series would not work with her Spanish theme and one month to create and print my series of 16 digital photographs to be shown and sold for the benefit of Red Autismo.

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